Sonnet  XXIII (pno, bar)
The Inharmonious Blacksmith (ch. orch)
Five John Donne Settings (pno, sop)
            “Liscence my roving hands”
            “I sing the progresse of a deathless soul”
            “With this kinde mother who partakes my woe”
            “Else might he long have liv’d”
Five Jaunty Pieces (pno)
Three Waltzes (cl, pno)
Dogs, Sir (str qtet)


Sh1: The Soda Syphon Symphony (Orch, 1909)
Sh2: Soda Syphon Redux (pno, fl, vlc)
Sh3: The Reluctant Ombudsman: Incidental music for theatrical production (vln, vlc, pno, perc;             1910)
Sh4: “Cruel Mother” (pno; 1910)
Sh5: Passiontide Oratorio: “Folk-Song Oratorio”(orch, chor, soloists; 1910)
Sh6: Missa Brevis (org, ch; 1910)
            Sh6a: “Agnus Dei” from Missa Brevis (1910)
Sh7: Shandyisms (sop, fl, cl, vla, hpschd; 1911)
Sh8: Séance (orch; 1911)
Sh9: Songs of Love and Loss from the Rother Valley (pno, mezzo-sop; 1911)
            --The Marsh (ch orch; withdrawn; 1911)
            --The Bold Peddlar (ch opera, incomplete; 1911)
            --Song Suite #1 (texts: John Donne; incomplete; 1911)
            --Song Suite #2 (texts: Andrew Marvelll incomplete; 1911)
Sh10: String Quartet No. 1 (qtet; 1912)
Sh11: Piano Sonata No. 1 (pno; 1912)
Sh13: After Purcell (vln, vlc, pno, 1912)
Sh14: Three Minior Pieces (pno; 1912)
Sh15: Wagner Paraphrase (pno four hands, 1913)
Sh16: Two Noble Kinsmen (two pno; 1913)
Sh17: Five of Us (fl, bsn, hn, perc, pno; 1913)
Sh18: “London, London, Hear Us Sing” (text: R. A. Howes; ch, pno; 1914)
Sh19: Cradleless Songs (pno, sop; 1914)
            “The Accuser’s Chief Desire”
            “Winds thwarting winds”
            “And scarcely he could stand”
            “A stripling of sixteen”
Sh20: Visions (after Blake) (fl, cl, vln; 1914)
            --Oh, Tristram! (orch; incomplete; 1914)
Sh21: Five Pieces for Two Pianos (1914)
Sh22: A Portrait and a Sigh (fl, cl; 1914)
Sh23: Internment (fl, cl, bsn, tpt, perc, 2 pno, vln, vla, vlc; 1915)
            She11a: Piano Sonata (revision) (1915)
Sh24: Middle-Brow Suite (pno; 1915)
Sh25: Six Blake Songs (ten; pno; 1915)
            “On Another’s Sorrow”
            “Ah! Sun-Flower”
            “The Human Abstract”
            “Infant Sorrow”
            “The Little Black Boy”
Sh26: Duo Concertante (vln, vla, 1915)
Sh27: Artificial Paradises (orch; 1915)
Sh28: Violin Concerto (vln, orch; 1916)
Sh29: Second String Quartet (“Badenstein”) (qtet; 1916)
            Sh7a: Shandyisms (recasting for orch; 1917)
            Sh19a: Cradleless songs (new additions; pno, sop; (1917)
                        “The just protection”
                        “She, while she was”
Sh30: Five Short Pieces for Piano and Flute (withdrawn) (pno, fl; 1918)
Sh31: String Quartet No. 3 (qtet; 1918)
Sh32: String Trio (vln, vla, vlc; 1918)
Sh33: Lyrical Ballades (pno; 1918)
Sh34: Shropshire Fanfare (orch; 1918)
Sh35: Donne, Revisited (fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno; 1918)
Sh36: Piano Trio No. 1, “Canterbury” (vln, vlc, pno; 1919)
Sh37: Piano Concerto (pno, orch; 1919
Sh38: Meditations After Crabbe (orchl 1919)
Sh39: Sackvilliana (pno; 1920)
Sh40: On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts (re-titled Every Composer is a Murderer)             (sop, fl, hpschd, vlc; 1920)
Sh41: Repetitions (pno, vlc; 1920)
            --Sentimental Journey (orh; incomplete)
Sh42: Piano Trio No. 2, “In Ely Cathedral” (vln, vlc, pno; 1920)
Sh43: I, Composer (pno; 1920)
Sh44: Musicke Ne’er Wanted Mye (text: B.T. Symonds; chor, pno, vlc; 1921)
Sh45: “That’s When the Penny Dropped” (text: anonymous; bar, pno; 1921)
Sh45: Little Musgrave (opera; 1923)